Meet a fellow artist

Sam Trooper
This is Sam! I told her I’d put her face on a storm trooper.

This week I had a conversation with Samantha, or her preferred name Sam, and shared a few things about each other. One thing she emphasized was that she is crazy about storm troopers from Star Wars, hence why the photo above. She is currently undeclared although planning to moving to kinesiology. During high school she played soccer on her own time, did three years of cross country and four years of track. She only has one sibling. Her favorite movie is either Dope or Kill Bill, personally I’d say Kill Bill is better simply because I thought it was a master piece. Her favorite music artist is Logic. For this semester she is looking forward to relearning her soccer skills. She likes to ear and sleep; her favorite food is Sushimi. Her favorite animals are bears. She has an obsession with storm troopers from Star Wars and Disney. Favorite color is Burgundy in which I’m sure she’ll try to use during the graffiti project. And lastly her favorite artist is Frida Kahlo, one in which I was very intrigued about.


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