Plaster attempt

This is my very first time using Plaster of Paris for arts and crafts. Unfortunately I was unable to go to the beach and the stores near me only had aquarium pebbles, no sand.

I had to improvise by using my environment so I picked a few leaves and flowers and place them on the plaster in order to get its shape as well as its outlines. I had to be careful placing them or the plaster will spread or the outline will not appear on it.

2016-08-28 17.52.29

There were several failed attempts mainly because I broke the plaster piece or the leaf was not placed well and the leaf was not able to be taken out. The one on the right (bottom pic) had flowers on it, it would have made some sort of smiling face.

2016-08-28 17.52.23

One of the few that managed to be decent was the oak leaf-looking one on the bottom. I was tempted to trim its surroundings to match the leaf shape but I did not want to risk it. I’ll eventually fully clean it and paint it with bright colors. I’ll have it display nearby on the desk, next to the what could have been a brother hand.

2016-08-28 20.51.31.jpg


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