WK3 – Classmate conversation – Jennifer Mendoza


How art influenced my friend:

This is my good friend Jennifer Mendoza! She’s a 2nd year, she is majoring in computer science, and currently taking art 110 at 1 pm! To her the type of art that has influenced her over the years are ink and pencil art, she usually sketches figures, eyes, flowers and whatnot on paper. Sometimes she draws something incredible on a whole A4 Paper. To her this is her way of relaxing, to ignore troubles in the meantime, and helps her focus on the needed subject. Her drawings are also her way of expressing her emotions; she drew me a flower once that symbolizes our friendship. Even though her shyness and anxiety gets the most of her, she usually resorts to a quick sketch to calm herself and then get the job done. Her drawings helped her get through most of her troubles and helped her get this far.


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