WK5 – Artist conversation – Ralph Acosta

Exhibition Information

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: Not applicable

Media: Graphics design and photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: (Facebook profile) https://www.facebook.com/ralph.acosta.50

Instagram: Not applicable

About the Artist and Formal Analysis

Ralph Acosta is a graphics arts designer that received his Masters this fall of 2016. His gallery, located at Marilyn Werby Gallery, included new and refreshing look for airports. He believed that the potent romanticism at airports had faded away; he felt that it was now a place for business and a straight forward task of leaving and arriving. He shared his memory of admiring the architecture and the mix of emotions in the air; now he noticed that the emotions are gone and the buildings he admired for its unique design was simply a structure to the people. And for this, he was motivated to bring the element that was lost all those years ago.

Content Analysis

In hopes of rekindling of what the airports had all those years ago, Ralph Acosta introduced a new font stencil influenced by how runways are laid out at airports. From there he made a font that displays the elegance and its soothing artistic style. He chose a retro styled font and symbols for the sake of reminiscent. It may look “weird” or rather different from any font you have seen but the more you look at it the easier and simpler it feels. He also took amazing pictures of architectural structures that can be found in airports, airplanes, airstrips, and many more. His photography provides a feeling of adventure and history because it mainly focuses on what an individual should feel or rather should explore when they come to the airport. Lastly he would use quick small films that would provide information about airports in an attempt to entertain people as they wait for their departure.



My Experience

Ralph Acosta’s project is to bring that potent emotion back in airports; he hopes to re-design the bland and boring airport looks. Personally speaking, when I was a kid and spent the last few moments of my childhood with my father, he and I walked around the little airplane museum in the airport at Philippines. Those last few moments – we talked about planes, engineering, airports, and many more. By the time he left for his plane I shed tears because I will not see him for a few years, but he left me motivated and happy. That was something that is now lost in airports, it’s now mainly business and a “come and go” location. No sense of emotion in the air; this is probably due to security reasons especially after realizing that our country is very vulnerable. I cannot blame the airport for prioritizing security, but we must not forget the sense of emotion and romanticism at airports.


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