WK6 – Artist conversation – Sheila Rodriguez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sheila Rodriguez

Exhibition: Planning to go to Mexico and then global

Media: Crochet and painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery (East and West)

Website: (Facebook profile) https://www.facebook.com/sheilasbox

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist and Formal Analysis

Sheila Rodriguez is majoring in Fiber art, she is getting her MFA here at CSULB. Her gallery consisted of oil painting, a mash up of house parts, and several many flower crochets. Her art exhibit reflects her cultural heritage and even the memories of her old houses. She mentioned that as a child she used to move a lot and in every house she lived in holds a memory. She remembers the moments, the marks she left, and everything to beautify the place. She wanted to relate or rather encourage other people to be proud of their heritage and treat their homes not just a place to live but rather a part of their lives filled with ever lasting memories.

Content Analysis

Sheila Rodriguez “repurposed” old broken parts of a house and applied flower crochet on them to have that vine or flower crawling onto the object effect. She used the fences as a base for the crochet and then made leafs and flowers from it signifying that the broken part may have a beautiful story held by a certain individual. To her, even a piece of cardboard wood could still hold a memory to her, which is why she often visits the old houses she once lived in and see what happened and what changed. The oil painting was something she did, the house on the head, the barbed wires on both hands, and the flowers crawling through the body is a display of how she feels to the houses she lived and the one she currently lives as of today. It shows that it was hard for her to leave the house she spent years living on, and by a certain amount of time it is filled with happiness, sadness, and ever lasting moments but she needs to move on because those beautiful moments will be preserve, hence the flowers that was crawling through her.

My Experience

Sheila Rodriguez’s gallery reminded me of the house I grew up in for 11 years back at Philippines; it was my home, it was my family’s home but after unfortunate events we have to leave it. My father and I built a Nipa Hut there, he made me a small little basketball court there, he gave me a play ground, we had a jackfruit tree and two mango trees. It was a paradise to us, but we were forced to move out due to certain circumstances. Remembering that it was the house where I grew up, first time I walked, first time I played basketball, first time building something, it was a lot to take all in. So I find her very relatable, and found her passion in preserving the memories of her home very amusing.


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