WK7 – Artist conversation – Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: (Facebook profile) https://www.facebook.com/NJPaderanga/


About the Artist and Formal Analysis

Nathaniel Paderanga is an American Filipino artist born and raised here in the United States of America. He specializes in realistic oil painting and he is on his way to earning his MFA here at CSULB. He chooses certain moments in his life and brings it to his blank canvas to show the display of colors and emotions on it as well as holds a story within every single one of his pieces. Most of them are dedicated to the people he loves. He has a facebook and instagram page that show cases his work.

Content Analysis

Nathaniel Paderanga’s earliest or perhaps one of the first oil painting he has done are the portraits of his grand parents. The detail was remarkable and it truly displays their age which shows their experiences in life must have been a story worth telling. However, Nathaniel felt that putting a lot of effort in making the paintings realistic was unnecessary, that it turned his work from telling a story into making each of his works realistic. He did not want that, and so he still paints but prefers not to make it too realistic. And because of this his paintings are now similar to Madame Monet’s painting style.

My Experience

I was once an artist at a young age but I lost my inspiration, recently I have been sketching and drawing once again because I might have found the reason to do so again. Nathaniel’s paintings shows that his life, the happy and the sad moments are what drives him to paint certain moments of his life in order to preserve the memory. He dedicated the gallery and one specific painting to Karen S. Paderanga. That one painting of her by the beach at San Bernardino is probably one of the best work he has ever done, and one that I think he favors so much. I will be looking forward to the day that Nathaniel is a world known artist.


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