Wk 9 – Artist conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Print making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist and Formal Analysis

Kelvin Lopez is an artist and the curator of the week’s art gallery. He is currently working his way towards his BFA in print making. Although he did not talk about his works, he provided me a brief history of print making and how he and his colleagues are revisiting the old practice of art and bring life to it once again. He informed me about the several types of print making such as silkscreen, etching, lithography, monotype, and the recently developed digital process print making that allows digital manipulation on the work. As the curator, his purpose there was to spread and inform the general audience about the type of art as well as share its history and their goals. The gallery consists of several print making works from several of Kelvin Lopez’s colleagues with a common theme of “turf”. People have different definitions or different feelings about the home they live in and the area they feel they belong; and so several students created several types of printmaking art to express their definition of “turf”.

Content Analysis

I was amazed by the several styles displayed by several students in print making. I even saw retro style cartoon figures that were etched onto a photograph taken before hand; the end result was just amazing. There were others that reminded me of Alice in wonderland art style and modern cartoon art styles, they were amazing. By far my favorite was “The Earth is my turf” by Rachel Fritz because it displays an amazing use of what it seems to be a texture of an ocean by the shore as the moon and then used etching for the mountains and trees. This is a breathtaking picture that centers on nature itself. The details are top notch and the water effect on the bottom was nicely done. She did made me relate to her as to how the Earth is her turf because the world is a beautiful place out there and that is why we must save it and go and explore it. I honestly think she is an adventurous person who would like to travel and witness nature’s beauty on Earth.

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My Experience

I have never heard of printmaking until now, thanks to Kelvin Lopez as the curator for the gallery. I was able to look at abstract, digital, monotype, silkscreen, and etc print making. It made me realize that photo manipulation was founded earlier than I thought; several years earlier than the Renaissance in fact. because cavemen paintings are in fact a type of print making – it is an etching process apparently. My experience in the gallery was educational and fulfilling.


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