Wk9 – 3D 2 – Art Care Package

For the art care package I just gathered a few items belonging to me that is special and worth something to me  but they are ordinary items to someone else such as a movie ticket, a necklace, and whatnot. For this activity I decided to give it to my girlfriend.

So the picture on the left are the items I decided to give to her, they are:

  • A paper shaped like a grad hat
  • Shark necklace from Philippines and a metallic lionheart necklace
  • A small flash light
  • Furious 7 movie ticket
  • A bouncing ball
  • An eraser shaped like a basketball
  • An “egg ball” with a Disney character in it

All these items were with me during one of my most excited moments in life and moments I want to preserve. I decided to give this to her because she was there as well. She remembers how I got the bouncing ball, she was there for when we received the grad hat, she was there when my shark necklace broke, she basically knows what happened.

The picture on the right is something she gave me afterwards, it’s the UCI anteater “stress ball”. Being at UCI is one of her achievements and graduating as a mechanical engineer is something she wants to achieve.


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