Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Mendoza

2016-09-13 14.02.56.jpg

This is Jennifer Mendoza! She is a Computer Science Engineering major attending her 2nd year at CSULB. She likes to read, watch movies, and a huge fan of several television shows such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and many more. She is also an excellent drawer and creates sketches in her free time; she draws several characters like Jack from Nightmare before Christmas, Daryl from Walking Dead, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro and etc.

Question of the Week:

Recently a young artist drew singer Demi Lovato as a mermaid. This young artist is a self taught drawer who often draws his favorite artist as mythological creatures. Often times this is called fan art, now fan art is known to often times be unrealistic and not entirely accurate. Upon posting his art, it was reposted numerous times and caught the attention of the artist from another page, not his own. Miss Demi Lovato did not react exactly as he had hoped. What is you opinion on fan art? Do you think that the singer reacted in a justified manner or not (In other words, Do you agree with her conclusion or opinion?) . For more on this story here’s the link: Demi Lovato criticizes fan’s unrealistic drawing of her breasts, prompting a social media user to fire back at the ‘ungrateful’ star with a ‘body shaming’ version of the illustration

Samantha Gomez

This was actually something Jennifer and I discussed a long time ago. She felt bad for the artist, Vladimir Serbanescu, for receiving such an unexpected criticism. She believes that Demi should have thanked and appreciated Vladimir because he took the time to make a tribute of her by drawing her in a form of a mermaid. And several fan arts are like that, there are some fan arts that depicts the subject not as accurately drawn (based on their body anyway); however, Vladimir specifically drew Demi in a form of a mermaid – a mythological creature known for such features. Demi’s criticism made Vladimir feel different about his work – “I worked a lot on that drawing and i was proud of it, but not anymore.”

Jennifer and I drew/sketch from time to time appreciating people and the little things in life, but if someone were to criticize as in a negative way, we would be discouraged. As someone who had once lost his passion in art, this is very disheartening.


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