Wk 13 – Instagram photos

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Instagram week! I made a new account for it because I did not want to spam my friend’s feeds with cliche stuff. Although I did have fun that day since I made a new friend and went to Paramount’s tree lighting event.

So the first picture that day was the laptop glasses and Starbucks drink there, I was working on my physics homework that time along with my other colleagues. The next picture was a selfie with Jennifer Mendoza after class. She did not realize her sandwich was in the picture. I should have taken the picture with her taking a bite off guard oh well. Third picture is with Jessica Obrique, a fellow Filipino college student. I was quite happy with her acquaintance because it is always nice to meet another Filipino somewhere. She and I discussed the question of the week which was  “What would the college experience be like to a student in 2036?” Our full discussion can be found here:


Lastly was a picture of a Christmas tree at Paramount’s “town center”. I went with Jennifer Mendoza that night, we enjoyed the presentations and performances by different schools and clubs that night. The church choir was my favorite since they mostly sang the traditional, soft and gentle songs which brought an actual Christmas feeling to me.

In the end I had fun with this activity, gave me a reason to actually use the app even though I had to create another account for other reasons (not due to privacy). If anything, in my opinion, this instagram activity should have been around the first few weeks of the semester because students would want to post their pictures from class or at school every other day and in due time they will probably grow attached to the account have that as their “art” account or something. It is a good activity with minor issues (regarding privacy) but it was still something that could be revised for future activities.


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