Wk15 – Finger Painting – Praise the Sun!


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This is sort of an attempt to a tribute to one of my favorite (though sometimes most hated) video game series: Dark Souls!

The phrase “Praise the Sun” has been a popular phrase, reference, and meme in the video game community. Its origin has a deep meaningful story that a lot of people deem to be “depressing”. Then again Dark Souls is known to be hopeless and depressing game.

So why exactly is it popular?

In Dark Souls you meet a knight by the name of Solaire who is very very very nice to us in the beginning of the game. The setting of the game is in a dead city known as Lordran,where almost everyone is a “Hollow” undead,I don’t want to spoil it,but part of the Lore is that the hollowing circle is complete on the moment you lose your inspiration to continue,when you just can’t hold it anymore,when you give up,that’s when you “hollow”. Solaire is a charismatic knight that you find at the start of the game who is basically obsessed with the sun,as you progress in the game you will find him in different areas,with different dialogue each time while on his quest to find his very own sun,you can also summon him or any player in the “warriors of sunlight” covenant to aid you in boss fights. People like to say “Praise the sun!” because it represents something like “Don’t give up!” or “Don’t lose your hope,you can do it!” Finding a “Praise the sun” message after a boss is quite encouraging to new players because it shows them that they’re not alone,the other person went thru that hard area like you,they struggled but at the end,they won.

So basically, when you hear me say “Praise the Sun!” it means “Don’t give up and keep going!” It’s a brand new and fresh phrase for people. Keep smiling and praise the sun everyone!

Edit: Added Video link Lore from VaatiVidya and added another image to compare the sun

Dark Souls Lore: Solaire and the Sun


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